Create tech products that change the future.

Join Motius to have an impact. On the tech products of the future and an extraordinary career.

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Join Motius to have an impact on the tech products of the future.

Working at Motius

In life, everybody has individual needs. Some like to be flexible and embrace frequent change, others prefer long-term relationships. At Motius, you have the choice as well:

The Talent Pool

By joining our Talent Pool you will be able to work project-based on the innovations of tomorrow. We offer a variety of roles in our tech projects for freelancers, young professionals and students.

The Core Team

The core team is the backbone of our company. You’re working on projects but you will also take over responsibility for our long-term growth – from a tech as well as business perspective.

How It Works



Tells us about your skills, tools, frameworks and projects you have previously worked on.


First Interview

Based on your relevant practical experience, we will invite you to a first interview where we get to know you better and check if there is a cultural fit.


Become a Motee

If it’s a match for both sides, you will become part of the Motius tech community. You now have full access to our internal platform where you can see all of our projects and are proactively considered for fitting projects.


Technical Interview

Ready to work on your first Motius project? Before the kickoff we will do a technical assessment with different tools ranging from coding tests to reference project analysis or technical interviews with our tech specialist.


Become an Active Motee

Welcome the the active part of the Talent Pool. You will now be working in a project team and create the tech products of the future. Now, you’re talent journey is really kicking off - it’s just the beginning.


Choose your career path

Depending on your strengths and interests you can now develop your skills and grow into the core team with different career paths.



Tell us about your passion, your motivation but also about your skills, tools, frameworks and projects that you have previously worked on.


First Interview

After carefully reviewing your application and based on your relevant practical experience, we will invite you to a first interview to get to know you better and check if there is a cultural fit.


Technical Interview

With different tools ranging from coding tests to reference project analysis and an interview with our tech specialist we assess your technical skills.


Experience Day

We want to give you a chance to meet your future colleagues, soak in our culture and get a feeling for your future workplace. Additionally, you will get a task to work on during the day.


Welcome to the team

Is it a match? We’re excited to have you on board and get your journey at Motius started. Based on our Talent Journey we offer different paths you can take and will support your personal development.

How We Work

  • We love freedom and agility

    Working at Motius comes with the freedom to plan your day independently. To achieve our goals, we stay organized, set daily goals, plan our long-term capacity. Because nothing is more motivating than the feeling of crushing your goals.

  • We change perspective

    Empathy is essential. At Motius, we identify and understand one another’s situation, feelings and motives. We’re conscious about our decisions and the effect they have on our surroundings.

  • We love communication

    In a fast paced environment, communication is crucial to keep our team aligned, learn from each other and spark new ideas. Our open and transparent communication is a key factor for our success. That’s why you will alway find Motees hanging around in the social area of the office.

  • We solve issues efficiently

    Whenever we face new challenges, we take on a growth mindset. It allows us to come up with a solution of our own. But we also differentiate between investing time to work on a problem by ourselves or approaching another Motee that is better suited for a task.

  • We take responsibility

    In every project or task we work on, we treat Motius as if it was our own business. Entrepreneurial thinking and acting is key. We weigh the risk and rewards of new opportunities and make selfless decisions that benefit the collective.

  • Our Culture

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Benefits of Working with Motius

Cycle to work with your Jobrad ®

Flexible working hours and home office options

Dedicated time and budget for curiosity & exploration

Develop your skills with a role-specific development plan

Regular Team Buildings & Company Wide Team Events

Get Free Access to Makerspace

New work environment: Adapted spotify structure & regular peer reviews

Impact through our OKR-approach

Innovative R&D projects, changing tech stacks and industries

Success Stories

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Our vision is to become the best workplace for techies. With everything we do, we take a ‘techies first’ approach.
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