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We create the tech products of the future.

We are reinventing R&D.

We believe the rate of technological change is only increasing.
Therefore we created a unique fluid structure that allows us to focus on the newest technologies of any occurring tech cycle by bringing the best tech experts and experienced leaders to the forefront.
This way, you can take the lead by mastering new technologies.


Our talent pool gives you access to the newest technologies.

Our fluid structure with a built-in turnover rate of 3-5 years is the key to keep up with rapid technological change. By constantly attracting the best tech experts we are able to develop cutting-edge products with the newest technologies. For companies that want to take the lead.


Our core team ensures high quality and long term experience.

We created a core team around key technologies to assure long-term knowledge transfer. The team is responsible for project management, lead engineering and business impact. This way, we can take full care of all your needs.


Technologies are constantly evolving, so are we.

Technologies are constantly changing and so are our areas of expertise. We’re always evolving, but these are technologies we’re currently working with and selected customers we’ve developed solutions for.

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Apr 2023

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Jun 2022

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Metaverse: Myths and Truths

May 2022

Marko Otasevic [3 minute read]

Kubernetes and Helm in a Nutshell

Apr 2022

Philipp Diller


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May 2022

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