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Data Science
and Feature Engineering


AI algorithms are only as good as the underlying data used to train them. Therefore, the first and most important step is to explore and understand the existing data to determine a suitable AI strategy.

AI Modeling
and Optimization


Selecting the right models is key to create valuable solutions. It is crucial to perform tests against the underlying dataset and optimize the selected models accordingly to achieve impactful results.

and Maintenance of AI


We take care of deployment and long-term MLOps to constantly improve the models in a production environment and maximize business impact.

Let’s Redefine the Future
of Your Business

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a constellation of many different technologies working together to enable not only machines to sense, comprehend, act, and learn with human-like levels of intelligence. Maybe that’s why it seems as though everyone’s definition of artificial intelligence is different: AI isn’t just one thing.


Technologies like Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing are all part of the AI landscape. Each is evolving along its own path. Combined with data, analytics, and automation, AI can help businesses achieve their goals, whether it is improving customer service or optimizing the supply chain.

Working with you, Motius can help scale AI across your organization with customized solutions at all levels of maturity. Artificial Intelligence is a paradigm shift: from hard-coded, expensive, first-principles-based, inflexible solutions to adaptive, self-learning solutions based on Big Data and Machine Learning algorithms.


Our approach is user-centric and forward-looking. This means we can help you develop your own systems that meet your unique needs.

With emerging technologies and talented people, Motius approaches problems in a unique way. They helped us to first explore the whole range of cutting-edge technological solutions and then get to the outcome that we defined in the very beginning.

— Martin Pitsch, HILTI

With emerging technologies and talented people, Motius approaches problems in a unique way. They helped us to first explore the whole range of cutting-edge technological solutions and then get to the outcome that we defined in the very beginning.


— Martin Pitsch, HILTI

How Hilti Optimizes Quality Assurance Processes

Hilti aimed to improve the quality assurance process for one of their production processes. The challenge was to detect production defects that are almost unrecognizable with human eyes. The interdisciplinary solution that we developed not only detects production defects through, but also gathers further production metadata, and visualizes them on a central KPI dashboard. The impact was improved production processes and product quality through a system with unshakeable accuracy.

How We Work


All of our projects in the fields of automation with Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, and Internet of Things go through these four essential steps.



Gather Data

The first step is all about data. The success of all Artificial Intelligence projects begins and ends with the quality and quantity of the data set and the thorough understanding of the data.


Typical tasks include:


    • Data collection
    • Data labeling
    • Data exploration
    • Data cleaning
    • Data warehousing

Generate Insights

Having data is not enough though. The second step is about understanding the business, providing insights for customers and business experts, but without any “smart predictions” yet.

Tasks include:


    •  Building dashboards and/or exploration tools
    • Constructing reports
    • Building knowledge graphs
    • Building ETL pipelines for moving around and preparing data

Get Smart

The third step is about building models/predictions on top of the data and insights you have gathered. The step of modeling is iterative and academic, based on metrics and KPIs derived by real business use-cases.
Tasks include:


    • Model building and model training
    • Evaluation
    • Comparison
    • Hypothesis testing
    • Hyperparameter tuning

Go Live

In the last step, it is all about moving from the academic world to production. How do we get our model that we have shown to work on our test dataset to start running on real data in potentially real-time?


Tasks include:


    • Deployment
    • Monitoring
    • Roll-out in different environments (cloud, on-site, federated- or edge environments)

Motius Insights


How Optimate Automates Industrial Manufacturing Processes


In a time in which companies need more innovative product ideas than ever, intrapreneurship still has not gained the attention it deserves. Read how Optimate aimed to prove that Machine Learning can help to predict if sheet metal parts can be optimized while keeping optimal product quality and functionality.


Launching a Corona Chatbot in Less Than a Day


You know how we always say that we build those products that have a real impact on the world? It is time to give you another example of that. With our chatbot solution, one of the biggest insurances worldwide was able to respond to COVID-19, the coronavirus, in real time. Here is how.

AI Project Stages

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As you probably know already, research and development is one of Motius’ core activities. We are also happy to share our knowledge so that you can quickly get an overview of the most important technology trends. Delivered into your mailbox with just a couple of clicks:


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  • Technical set-up: How to get started
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