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So you want to reduce costs? Optimize processes or use data more efficiently? How about new ways to become more sustainable? Artificial Intelligence is key to many challenges and at Motius we believe that AI will always be part of the solution. So let’s sit together and discuss how we can help you unlock the potential of Artificial Intelligence to bring your business to the next level. Whether it’s about exploring AI use cases within your company or the development and implementation of a specific solution – our offer includes AI development expertise for every phase of the AI lifecycle. We are here, ready to innovate with you.

Happy Customers

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Our Machine Learning solutions
can process massive amounts of data,
detect recurring patterns, and provide
insights both in real time and for the future
to boost your decision-making.

Machine Learning

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We can build and train AI-driven systems
to recognize characters, faces, and objects
in images and videos, identifying specific
elements with cutting-edge speed and accuracy.

Computer Vision

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Our NLP solutions allow you to collect
information from unstructured written data
and interact with your customers
in new ways, making their user experience
more efficient and intuitive.

Natural Language

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We're building custom AI solutions to empower you
to solve global challenges to the environment, humanitarian
issues, accessibility, and health.

AI for Good

Let’s Build the Right AI Application for Your Business!

We do AI the safe way. 

Implementing AI is a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be a leap of faith. Leverage our experience in artificial intelligence consulting and development to avoid missteps or to address your employees’ and stakeholders’ concerns. AI can be the catalyst for innovation and great user experiences. We want to help you identify potential AI use-cases for your business and turn them into social, user, and business value. We created tools for every step of the way and support you in understanding the power of emerging technologies, spot AI opportunities, and creating new ideas and visions.

AI Essentials


Let’s get started! Learn more about one of the most powerful technologies of our time and get a first general overview of Artificial Intelligence by reading our quick starter guide below.


AI Readiness Check


Ready for the next step? Try our AI Readiness Check! Answer ten quick questions to find out where you currently stand when it comes to AI and which of our formats could display the next best step for you! Using the AI Readiness Check is of course completely free and without obligation.


DesAIgn Thinking


In our DesAIgn Thinking session, we make use of proven Design Thinking methods to ideate and identify the most promising AI use cases in your business realm. This session is tailored to your company-specific needs and will help you connect the dots and come up with a set of promising AI use cases.


Implementing AI Across Industries

AI solutions to achieve your goals. 

You can find our AI solutions in digital portfolios across different industries and use cases. From enhancing the quality of products and services, to improving efficiency, strengthening corporate security, and more.

Success Stories

How Hilti Optimizes Quality Assurance Processes

Hilti aimed to improve the quality assurance process for one of their production processes. The challenge was to detect production defects that are almost unrecognizable with human eyes. The interdisciplinary solution that we developed not only detects production defects, but also gathers further production metadata visualized on a central KPI dashboard. The impact was improved production processes and product quality through a system with unshakeable accuracy.

Automating Industrial Manufacturing Processes With Machine Learning

With a limited budget and three months’ time, Optimate aimed to prove that Machine Learning can help to predict if sheet metal parts can be optimized while keeping optimal product quality and functionality. The solution was a web demonstrator backed by a Machine Learning algorithm that easily visualizes the optimization of a metal building part and thereby serves as a proof of concept.

Client Voices

Testimonial 1
With emerging technologies and talented people, Motius approaches problems in a unique way. They helped us to first explore the whole range of cutting-edge technological solutions and then get to the outcome that we defined in the very beginning.

Martin Pitsch, Head of Production Diamond Inserts at HILTI

Testimonial 2
Together with Motius, we successfully proved that our design optimization concept works and that it has the potential to revolutionize the metal cutting industry.

Jonas Steiling, CEO at Optimate

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How We Work 

All of our projects in the fields of automation with Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, and Internet of Things go through these four essential steps.

The CRISP-ML(Q) model is broken into 6 phases:

1. Business and Data understanding: Identify problem to solve using ML, collect and explore data, and ensure feasibility of project.

2. Data Engineering/Preparation: Consolidate and transform data into something usable in the modeling stage.

3. ML Model Engineering: develop model to solve problem and business objectives defined in phase 1

4. Evaluation: Determine if model is ready for deployment or if further iterations are necessary.

5. Deployment: Integrate model into a larger system where the model predictions are actually used to drive further applications/processes

6. Monitoring and Maintenance: track certain metrics over time to identify if the model needs to be retrained/updated due to changes in the system.

AI Is Where Our Expertise Meets Our Passion 

Just a couple of clicks away.

As you probably know already, research and development is one of Motius’ core activities. We are also happy to share our knowledge so that you can quickly get an overview of the most important technology trends. Delivered into your mailbox with just a couple of clicks:

  • Basics

    Get to know the basic terms & definitions of the technologies.

  • Technical Set-Up

    How to get started.

  • Use-Cases

    Where does it make sense to apply those technologies?

An Introduction to Machine Learning

In this cheat sheet, we are serving you one
of the hottest buzzwords
at the moment: Machine Learning. Download it now!

Getting started with Chatbots

“Chatbots are the next big thing!” With all the hype around chatbots, you may have heard phrases like this. Sounds like another round of buzzword bingo, right?

An Introduction to Computer Vision

In this cheat sheet, we are explaining all you need to know to start a Computer Vision project. It is free for you. You can download it by pressing the button below.