Tech Scouting
and Roadmaps Sprint

Let’s leverage the potential of new technologies.

Tech Scouting and Roadmaps

Identify and unleash the power of new technologies for your business in two days.

With just two days of intensive work, your team, together with our Innovation and Design experts, will identify the potential of new technologies to create new ideas and visions for your company.

The Problem

Problem Space

The Problem

Managers with decision-making authority but little technical background find it difficult to assess the relevance of new technologies.
Which prerequisites need to be met?

Emerging technologies can be the catalyst for innovation and great user experiences. But sometimes it is difficult to assess the relevance and accessibility of new technolgies. Strategic product development decisions require an extensive knowledge of the business value, costs, required time and relevancy.

The Problem

The Problem

The Solution 2

Problem Space

The Solution

Together we close the gap between the status quo and strategic goals with a detailed tech strategy. You will get recommendations for further actions and concrete projects in combination with time and cost overviews.

Together we close the gap between the status quo and strategic goals with a detailed tech strategy. Our sprint provides and overview of currend technology trends and analyzes relevance and feasibility for your business. You will get recommendations for further actions and concrete projects in combination with time and cost overviews.

The Solution

The Solution

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What Is It?

We know that nowadays it can be challenging to keep track of new technology trends in and beyond your market. We have the experience and knowledge to align your business goals with our tech competence and set up a roadmap of projects to build in-house expertise for you. Within just two days, your team, supported by our experts, could learn and understand the power of emerging technologies, spot new opportunities, and create new ideas and visions.

What to Expect?

Your team will work through our dedicated canvases, product-market-matrices, and other tools designed specifically for tech innovation projects. Each session is tailored for company-specific needs and use-cases. You can expect our experts to guide you through a tech trend analysis, a comparison between tech goals and the status quo, and the definition and optimization of buyer/SCM personas to help you navigate complex and abstract problems. We will help you access your specific ideas’ feasibility, propose the right technologies, and make a plan for development and deployment.

What Are the Outcomes?

Our tech scouting and roadmaps sprint will lead to a collective presentation of possible projects with business relevance, an evaluation and prioritization, and a detailed roadmap of possible future measures to close the gap between the status quo and future vision.

Sprint Agenda


After extensive research and preparation where we review existing material and a broad upfront briefing with a Product-market-Matrix classification, we start the first session with a definition of business goals and buyer/SCM personas.

Day 1 - Big Picture

We examine business requirements and identify expected outcomes. We determine which problems could be solved with emerging tech solutions and condensate everything in a tech trend analysis and the mapping between tech goals vs. status quo. The result is a comprehensive vision canvas as the basis for our second workshop.


After we spend some time analyzing the technical feasibility and defining possible projects/use-cases, we start the second session with a detailed presentation of our results.

Day 2 - Future Vision

Together we evaluate and prioritize possible projects. We review and map out all ideas and prepare a roadmap for further investigation and development. The ultimate goal is to design a concrete plan to close the gap between the status quo and a defined future vision.

Benefits of the Sprint

Tech Opportunity Spotting


Do you want to increase competitiveness? Reduce costs? Speed up the production process? Define your key problem and find where new technologies can make your company more resilient and profitable. Spot opportunities and learn how you could implement emerging technologies within your business.

Fast-Paced and Agile


By taking our Tech Scouting and Roadmaps sprint you create real value from new products or product development and you will ensure that the product implementation delivers your desired business results. The agenda of the workshops is based on the Design Thinking mindset that ensures your users and their needs are always at the heart of the team’s focus.

Feasibility and Roadmap


At the end of our sprint, you will have a roadmap for your projects, which you can present with confidence at your next internal innovation meeting. The roadmap includes the preliminary technical implementation, budget indications, and possible extension steps.

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