Computer Vision for Better Quality Assurance

Let’s automate inspection tasks with Computer Vision

Detect Material and Assembly Defects at an Early Stage

The potential of Artificial Intelligence for Quality Assurance can change the future of your business.

With just one day of intensive work, your team, together with our technical experts, will evaluate the potential of Computer Vision for your specific quality assurance processes, develop a clear strategy for implementation, and optionally set up a business case for your company.

The Problem

Problem Space

The Problem

Managers with decision-making authority but little technical background find it difficult to assess the relevance of new technologies.
Which prerequisites need to be met?

Companies still struggle to become data driven due to a lacking data infrastructure, processes and governance. This often poses the bottleneck in new product and feature development as well as Artificial Intelligence initiatives.

The Problem

The Problem

The Solution 2

Problem Space

The Solution

Together we close the gap between the status quo and strategic goals with a detailed tech strategy. You will get recommendations for further actions and concrete projects in combination with time and cost overviews.

Our dedicated Enterprise Data Landscape sprint provides expert insights in order to adapt processes, methodology, and tooling to enable data driven business insights.

The Solution

The Solution

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What Is It?

Identifying quality defects is often critical to avoid customer dissatisfaction or even damage to the production line. To ensure high-quality standards, there are usually continuous controls, which are often done manually. However, technology always helps us when human limitations come into play: the combination of classical image processing and state-of-the-art methods of machine learning can identify and differentiate known objects from foreign objects or objects with unexpected changes.

Our Quality Assurance with Computer Vision sprint is a hands-on experience where, together, we analyze how our expertise in Computer Vision can help optimize your Quality Assurance processes.

What to Expect?

Two times half a day workshops of intense collaborative sparring prepared by our technical experts. Together we analyze your existing business goals and objectives, work out specific pain points and introduce our approach for Quality Assurance with Computer Vision to you.

What Are the Outcomes?

Our Quality Assurance with Computer Vision sprint will lead to a general roadmap for the implementation of Quality Assurance with Computer Vision processes in your company.

Sprint Agenda

Research and Preparation

In preparation for the first part of the sprint, we will analyze all existing information and material on your specific use case.

Big Picture

In this first 4h sprint, we will discuss your specific business goals and objectives and based on that work out existing pain points. We will analyze your existing data sources and infrastructure and put it in context with our Motius approach to QA with CV.

Data and Infrastructure Analysis

After the first session, we spend some time further analyzing the data quantity and quality. We will then set up the dataset and computing infrastructure development cycle.

Evaluation and Selection

In the second 4h Refinement sprint, we will ideate and elaborate together on the selected use cases. We will evaluate and prioritize them. We will develop a business case and set up the roadmap for implementation.

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