Hyperautomation Sprint

Let’s use technology to automate your processes.

Are You Ready for Hyperautomation?

Increase your profitability through successful E2E process automation.

With just two days of intensive work, your team, together with our technical experts, will identify the potential of hyperautomation to create a holistic process automation strategy for your business.

The Problem

Problem Space

The Problem

Managers with decision-making authority but little technical background find it difficult to assess the relevance of new technologies.
Which prerequisites need to be met?

We are in the midst of a digital transformation. Classic business models are changing and digital processes are gaining a leading role from the customer's point of view. Companies must say goodbye to the idea of classic technology stacks.

The Problem

The Problem

The Solution 2

Problem Space

The Solution

Together we close the gap between the status quo and strategic goals with a detailed tech strategy. You will get recommendations for further actions and concrete projects in combination with time and cost overviews.

Hyperautomation is a technological and corporate strategy approach to automating business and IT processes systematically and over the long term.

The Solution

The Solution

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What Is It?

In the fast-changing digital environment, Hyperautomation can help to make your business more dynamic and more profitable. It drives efficiency, employee satisfaction, error mitigation, and overall competitive advantage. Our Hyperautomation Sprint is a hands-on experience where, together, we identify possible entry points for process automation in your company and explore how your specific business can continuously benefit from Hyperautomation.

What to Expect?

Two days of intense collaborative sparring prepared by our technical experts. Together we analyze a specific business process from your company including the associated database and develop a comprehensive process re-design. This includes the evaluation and design of a possible solution architecture consisting of the most advanced technologies and their requirements.

What Are the Outcomes?

Our Hyperautomation sprint will lead to a holistic but custom approach to process automation tailored to your specific business needs and a high-level solution architecture with specified requirements.

Sprint Agenda

Day 1 - Identify

The first session consists of an extensive analysis of an existing business process in your company, its conceptual optimization and augmentation, and the development of a solution architecture for efficient implementation including the latest technologies, required data, tools, and interfaces.

Day 2 - Specify

After the first session, we spend some time clarifying open questions and refining the concept and its alternatives accordingly. We prepare technical requirements and an initial cost estimation. When it makes sense, we already build a Proof of Concept or design the business case.

In our second session, we present our results and evaluate the concepts together. We specify all requirements,
finalize the solution architecture and define possible next steps.

Benefits of the Sprint

Hyperautomation as a Holistic Strategy


Do you want to increase competitiveness? Reduce costs? Speed up the production process? In this sprint, we will work out everything you need to reduce the general workload in order to focus on value-adding activities, decrease the risk of human errors, and increase process speed and stability.

Customized and Agile


In our Hyperautomation sprint we focus on your specific situation and use case. We create real value from the analysis and optimization of your process with state-of-the-art solutions and technologies to enable further business growth. The agenda of the sessions is based on the Design Thinking mindset that ensures your users and their needs are always at the heart of the team’s focus.

Feasibility and Roadmap


At the end of our sprint, you will have a clear understanding of how to profit from a holistic approach to automation in your company as well as a high-level solution architecture with specified requirements to implement the first optimizations.

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