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Our experts walk you through the vast jungle of grant programs. We provide guidance and help you find the right funding for your company’s needs so that you can realize your innovation project.

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    We prepare all details and support you in every step for free.

  • Get 30-80% Of Your Internal And External Costs as Funding

    A successful grant application will get you 30-80% of your internal and external project costs as funding. We only charge 10% of the grant amount as commission if the submission is successful.


We analyze your project ideas and then identify all available funding, whether regional, national or international. In doing so, we start with a short 15-minute phone call where we give you more information about us and our offer. In a second step, you present one or two concrete project ideas to us. Afterwards we assess the eligibility and identify a suitable grant program.


We prepare all details of the applications and support you in every step of the submission. The best part: It’s totally for free. We do not charge for this.


A successful grant application will get you 30-80% of your internal and external costs as funding. Only if the submission is successful we charge 10% of the grant amount as commission. As a technology service provider, we can also support you with the technical implementation.

Problem Space

Problem Space


We only charge a commission on the funding volume, if we are successful.

We only charge a 10% commission of the funding volume, if the submission is successful.

0% Costs

0% Costs

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Problem Space


After an initial Ideation appointment we create the appointment free of charge.

After an initial ideation call, we prepare all the details of the submission - for free.

0% Effort

0% Effort

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Problem Space


We ensure the implementation of the funding object through subcontracting.

We can also support you with the technical implementation of your project

0% Risk

0% Risk

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Together for Your Success

We support your project from A to Z.

Through our experience in grant consulting, a unique network of experts, and technical know-how, we ensure the basis for financing sustainable and innovative projects. Research projects, hardware/software development, or innovation programs are optimally complemented by our interdisciplinary team.

Example: LUK Bayern


Person Months 50
Applicable costs per person month incl. overhead costs 9.000 €
Direct costs 450.000 €
External services 300.000 €
Project volume 750.000 €
Funding rate 50%
Grant 375.000 €

Success Story

Robotic Innovation With the AUMOVIS LED Wall

In the event industry, similar products do not exist. This resulted in the development process of the LED wall starting from scratch. During the agile product development, the costs had to be kept low while a high-tech solution was designed. The physical limitations on the hardware side and the specific safety requirements this product demands were further challenges. The multidisciplinary Motius team selected for this project was on a strict timeline and outperformed in the complex robotics involved. The final AUMOVIS LED wall is now Dekra certified, which is one of the most important testing quality labels. It is also supported as a significant innovation by the German Government.

But not only the technical side of the AUMOVIS project proved to be a challenge. The positioning of an event company is not an easy one in a saturated market. Together with Motius, the product design of the LED wall gave AUMOVIS a flexible media surface, resulting in a competitive advantage unlike no other on the market. This is why the collaboration was essential to the company’s success.
Testimonial 1
Researching suitable funding sources and applying for funding in terms of content and form is often a major obstacle for SMEs.
Thanks to our colleagues at Motius, we were able to obtain a substantial amount of funding for our project.
High technical expertise, speed and pragmatism - that’s what makes collaboration fun.

Volker Zetsche, CEO AUMOVIS

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