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We love new technologies and our mission is to always find the best solution for our customers from a wide range of vendors and technologies.

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We always use new technologies where
it makes sense and is exciting. Instead of using
the tried and tested over and over again, we are
ready to face the challenges of this time and use
disruptive technologies from day 1.


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Most innovations of recent years have been
initialized in open-source ecosystems.
Open-source software offers your organization
distinct advantages over commercial in-house or
third-party alternatives, such as cost savings,
flexibility, and the latest innovations.

Open-Source Driven

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We cover a broad spectrum of technologies,
but also industries and methodologies.
This enables us to always remain as flexible
and adaptable as possible.

High Flexibility

Full Stack System Design and Development

Embedded systems rarely consist of only one component. We can take care of architecture, procurement, implementation, and productive use. We are not bound to any product but can design it completely free according to your requirements.



This is not a templated approach. We know every single business and client is unique.
We’ll work with you to explore, research, and understand your business.

Schematics/PCB Design and Manufacturing


Your competitors may be doing the same thing, but we’ll help you navigate the world of opportunity.
There’s always room to improve and innovate.

Software, Communication, and Backend


Through an agile approach, we’ll create a roadmap to completion, create and execute. This is where your product will really come to life.

100% Customized


Learnings, usage, and analytics will tell us how to best optimize to continuously
reach your customers and maximize your growth potential.

Success Stories

Building the Future of Mobility – BMW “i Interaction Ease”

In the event industry, similar products do not exist. This resulted in the development process of the LED wall starting from scratch. During the agile product development, the costs had to be kept low while a high-tech solution was designed. The physical limitations on the hardware side and the specific safety requirements this product demands were further challenges. The multidisciplinary Motius team selected for this project was on a strict timeline and outperformed in the complex robotics involved. The final AUMOVIS LED wall is now Dekra certified, which is one of the most important testing quality labels. It is also supported as a significant innovation by the German Government.

Creating a Smart City Infrastructure

For our client’s infrastructure-based smart city services, we built a smart lighting pole equipped with all sorts of nifty sensors, controls and other smart features. Data from, for example, environment sensors, security cameras, and an information screen for users can be monitored in and managed from a central web dashboard.

Creating the Perfect Smart Lighting Control Device

In this project we helped improve the usability of the smart lighting controls of a customer from the lighting industry. Their existing products already offered significant benefits to smart home lighting solutions and we were able to provide the control systems to match that success.

Discovery Week 2021

RISC-V – Motius Discovery Conference

Discovery is our internal hackathon, where we experiment with some of the latest tech trends. It is one of the actions we take in order to stay close to cutting-edge solutions.

FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) have been around for a while now, but their relevance has increased lately. Tech companies are investing heavily to use them in new areas. We used the Discovery format to explore how to use FPGAs in different ways and how to implement custom hardware on them using RISC-V for general computing and interfaces.

Client Voices

Testimonial 1
Thanks to the joint agile development method, Rosenberger was able to create a drone charging station for a new market in a short time.

Folke Michelmann, Rosenberger

Testimonial 2
Motius is one of those companies you want at your side if you want to enter new terrain in technology.

Thomas Frommann, BMW

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How We Work 

Collaborative Product Development

We want to accelerate your product development, make it more agile, and ultimately realize your product vision.

Technical Sparring and Consultancy

Our interdisciplinary experience in a wide range of industries enables us to bring excellent technical sparring to the project. Benefit from our broad innovation network.

Agile and Dynamic Development Process

We are fast at finding out requirements and iteratively re-evaluating and adapting them. Benefit from incredible flexibility and speed in the hardware development process.

Mutual Supplement of Expertise

We want to compliment your team, make it smarter, and share learnings.


We are passionate when it comes to new, innovative projects. Ownership is very important to us and we take responsibility for our actions. While some service providers may only check off a specification sheet, we are involved with heart and soul and are also ready to challenge ourselves and of course you.

We Know Things 

Just a couple of clicks away.

As you probably know already, research and development is one of Motius’ core activities. We are also happy to share our knowledge so that you can quickly get an overview of the most important technology trends. Delivered into your mailbox with just a couple of clicks:

  • Basics

    Get to know the basic terms & definitions of the technologies.

  • Technical Set-Up

    How to get started

  • Use-Cases

    Where does it make sense to apply those technologies?

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