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Let’s find new ways to WOW your users.

Turning Your Ideas Into Action, The Holistic Way

We combine in-depth technical expertise with state-of-the-art innovation methodology.

We know that successful innovation needs more than a cool technical concept and streamlined technical implementation – it requires an understanding of the product/service users, their needs and usage context, and a thorough understanding of the economic value the product provides to both the users and to our clients. It’s through integrating these three lenses that we ensure that the products we create together with our partners are, at the same time, desirable, technically feasible, and economically viable.


The Innovation Design Hub thus complements our other tech hubs through early-stage projects and consulting services. These cover Holistic Innovation Design Sprints that are adaptable to start from scratch, from an idea, from a technology, or even from your current data. Using our methods toolkit, we cover user/market research and business model development, as well as user-centric approaches from UX research to UI development. This way, we combine in-depth technical expertise with state-of-the-art innovation methodology.

Happy Customers

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We explore Innovation Opportunities following a
holistic approach: market opportunities (business
viablity), user needs (customer desireability) and
technology (technical feasibility) need to converge
to make for a successful product.

Holistic Innovation Consulting

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The so-called "look and feel" of a product
ultimately determines whether it is well received
by the user or not. To get to this point, we create
space for user experience research, in which we
find out what the real needs, problems and
challenges of the users are. In this way, we
ensure that our products are user-centric and
tailored. Based on the user needs, we then work
with our clients to create cutting-edge user
interface designs using the latest design tools.


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The best products are developed for the future.
If you develop a product for the present, there's a
good chance it will be outdated as soon as it hits
the market. This is exactly where our advantage
at Motius lies; our experts work with the latest
innovations on a daily basis and therefore are
able to point out new perspectives and
possibilities. Because often just a look from the
outside helps not to miss the obvious.

Design Thinking

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Following established methods and new
developments in market/user research, Design
Thinking, and Lean Methods, we create user
insights through systematic market, trend &
problem scouting, collaboratively develop
innovation & technology roadmaps, uncover and
assess market opportunities, develop viable
business models and value analyses, and explore
use cases based on available data and (future)
business needs.

Market Research & Problem Scouting

Time to Rethink Innovation

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to innovation.

The challenges are very individual for each company, depending on business strategy, resources, processes, and industries. For successful innovation, it is therefore indispensable to precisely understand the overall strategic picture of each customer.

As your partner, we support you along the entire innovation value chain: from defining an innovation strategy, developing innovation methods and processes, and building innovation capabilities to delivering end-to-end innovation projects.

Together we pave the way for continuous and healthy innovation: we identify challenges and recognize innovation potentials, we co-create solutions, we implement them into your daily business, and scale them in the shortest possible time. Furthermore, we offer the possibility to continue to operate solutions as well as to serve them.

What We Do

Why we exist?

Our Innovation & Design teams have worked in many industries and across a lot of geographies, helping companies redefine what’s possible. In our experience, companies need help defining the right problems to solve, and conducting market and user research in order to remain ahead of their market. With proven innovation and creativity methods, we support you in creating a business case to enable innovative activity. We offer the full innovation process from idea conception to UX/UI design and implementation.

What we do?

We provide you with the experience and multi-disciplinary expertise you need to transform your approach to innovation. Our services along the product development process and innovation funnel include:


      • Market, Trend and Problem Scouting
      • Innovation and Technology Roadmaps
      • Market Opportunity Analyses
      • Business Model Development
      • Data- or business need driven use case exploration

How we do it?

In order to support you in conceiving, designing, and scaling the businesses, products, and experiences that will turn your strategic vision into a game-changing reality we leverage established and modular methods.


      • User Research: Interviews, Observations, Netnography
      • Design Thinking: Empathy Mapping, Customer Personas and Journeys
      • Ideation: Creativity Techniques from Brainstorming to SCAMPER
      • Prototyping & Testing: From storyboards to clickable mockups, tested with your target group and/or our tech community
      • UX/UI Research and Design: Interaction/Experience Concept Development, UI Design

Get the Ball Rolling

Many of our current customers found it difficult to find the right starting point. For this reason, we have condensed our experience from many projects into standard innovation sprints. Together, we consider your situation or use case and sit down to work out which approaches could also apply to your business.

With just two days of intensive work, your team, together with our Innovation and Design experts, will identify the potential of new technologies to create new ideas and visions for your company.

The potential of data exploration can change the future of your business. Your team, together with our technical experts, will use your existing data to explore new use cases for innovative services and products.

Together we scale up your Machine Learning projects. We show you how to efficiently reach the next step of your ML lifecycle. With just one day of intensive work, your team, together with our technical experts, will analyze the architecture as well as the maturity of your PoC and develop a clear plan on how to set up your Machine Learning Operations for deployment.

Increase your profitability through successful E2E process automation by identifying the potential of Hyperautomation to create a holistic process automation strategy for your business.

Detect Material and Assembly Defects at an Early Stage. Together we evaluate the potential of Computer Vision for your specific quality assurance processes, develop a clear strategy for implementation, and optionally set up a business case for your company.

Let data be the foundation of every decision you make. Your team, together with our technical experts, will analyze your existing data landscape and make it future-proof.

Visualize your data and finally see what you’ve been missing. Let’s identify and use the potential of a better, real-time, and more intuitive perspective on your “gathered” business data.

Why Did We Choose This Area As One Of Our Tech Hubs?

Although technical development is our core business, we have found that it often takes much more than that to make for successful innovation.

Unlike our tech hubs, which often work on soft- and hardware projects independently, the innovation design hub fulfills a matrix function that brings user-centricity and business acumen to complement technical solutions. We thereby complement aspects of technical feasibility with those of customer desirability and economic viability – what we overall call a holistic approach to product development.


This is not only relevant in terms of meeting the needs of the product’s users (obviously an important aspect for future use), but also to help our project partners justify and push projects and solutions within their organization. Presenting a novel technical solution is cool, no doubt, but presenting it together with a clear understanding of the problems it solves for its users and with a business model (or business case) that clearly shows its economic value to the client’s organization, puts our partners in a position to drive their projects forward internally.


The innovation design hub thus takes care of what happens before and after the technical development – i.e. ensuring that we tackle the right problems and embedding solutions into our clients’ product portfolio – and supports alongside the development process through continuous and iterative UX/UI development and testing. We help clients understand what their users really need, develop concepts that align with these needs, and then ensure that the final solution is not only centered on these user needs but also economically viable.

Success Stories

A Webgame for Microsoft’s Xbox One Campaign

Motius created a browser game called XONG based on the classic Pong game with a series of improvements regarding engagement, look and technical capabilities that was an integral part of Microsoft’s Xbox One X campaign.

A successful marketing campaign for Microsoft that did not only increase the number of Xbox One X sales but also represented the company in an authentic and user-oriented way.

Applying User-Centric Design Methods  to Develop Digital Solutions

The goal of this project was two-sided. On the one hand, we wanted to develop digital business models based on cutting-edge technologies. On the other hand, DENSO wanted to learn and apply user-centric methods, in this case Design Thinking, which would also facilitate their future innovation efforts. How did we approach these goals? Based on our expertise, we could perfectly align them by engaging in user-centric design methods.

Testimonial 1
The campaign was a huge success commercially and drove record consumer engagement, thanks to the great partnership with Motius.

Florian Liewer, Director Xbox Gaming (D/A/CH) at Microsoft

Testimonial 2
Altogether, the collaboration worked out really well for everyone involved. Motius was exactly the kind of innovation partner we were looking for. We tested ideas, we developed business models and even the brand is ready to go.

Wolfgang Foltin, DENSO

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How We Work 

We at Motius ensure that our products are user-centric and tailored.

Through projects with clients at different stages and in different contexts – from startups to multinationals – we’ve learned that technical product development is often only one aspect of a successful new product. To support our project partners in the best way possible, we thus offer a complementary range of services that cover both, the inception and conception of strategically relevant and user-centric ideas, and the (re-)integration of technical solutions into our clients business model.

Ideation and Concept Development

A typical innovation design approach starts with the asking questions about the user, their needs and business opportunities. It is followed by ideating concepts and prototyping these concepts.

System Design

After validating the concepts with the user, we support you with all the business stuff like business model canvas and value propositions. The focus here relies on opportunities and gaps in the market you want to approach.

Proof of Concept

While the hallway testing is done, the concept gets refined. For the refined concept, the market is test and we will design a business case which will guide you to a successful product.

Minimun Viable Product

In this stage, a closed beta-testing is done. Afterwards, the market will be approached an a go-to market strategy is defined. Finally, you can estimate some revenue!

Continous redefinement

A well-designed product goes with its needs, which can vary from time to time. Therefore, we continuously gather feedback and identify new features for your product.

We Know Things 

Just a couple of clicks away.

As you probably know already, research and development is one of Motius’ core activities. We are also happy to share our knowledge so that you can quickly get an overview of the most important technology trends. Delivered into your mailbox with just a couple of clicks:

  • Basics

    Get to know the basic terms & definitions of the technologies.

  • Technical set-up

    How to get started

  • Use-Cases

    Where does it make sense to apply those technologies?

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