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Autonomous Mobile Robots

To cope with a high demand of automation in the logistics and production industry, Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) have become more and more present in warehouses and production facilities.

Robot Arms

Robot arms can be used for production, quality assurance, or tons of other repetitive tasks. We have experience with building industrial applications in the area of self-learning bin-picking and palletizing robots.

Cognition and Perception

Enabling robots with intelligent behaviour which is understood as a system that endows the robot with the ability to perceive, comprehend, and reason about the surrounding environment. The key components of a perception system are essentially sensory data processing, data representation (environment modeling), and ML-based algorithms.

Ultra-Leightweight Robot Structures

We apply bionic design to generate robot components. These lightweight and robust structures give the robot agility while decrease the power consumption. This overall increases the performance in each movement.

Let's Redefine the Future
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At Motius, we believe that new technologies and digital applications are the backbone of intelligent automation. In the past, robots were often somewhat hard to use. Recently, AI-controlled, autonomous robots have become more economically viable. Driven by a combination of falling prices and the rising practicality cases, "smart" robots can now be deployed at scale as well as niche applications - and harnessed for an ever-increasing number of ever more complex tasks. In addition, collaborative robots are enabling a closer interaction and collaboration between humans and machines in various environments. Based on these and various other trends robotics and automation are dramatically reshaping the global economy. 

Through individual configurations, previously manual, time-consuming, rule-based and recurring tasks can be automated to increase efficiency and quality and therefore reduce costs. We are helping our clients use the newest technologies to change the way they work. 

In order to be the first mover, speed is crucial. With this project, MTU and Motius succeeded to accelerate the time for building a proof of concept for a highly complex problem significantly

Fabian Donus, MTU

Optimizing the Maintainance Process of Damaged Airfoils

Repairing aircrafts from foreign object damages (FODs) is crucial, yet complex and complicated. MTU, Germany's leading engine manufacturer, aimed for an automated solution with the potential to check and repair FODs quickly, reliably, and efficiently. In this project, Motius developed a proof of concept to show that a miniature robot arm enables the automation of the process with its complex technological requirements.

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Wie wir arbeiten

At Motius, we developed our own approach how to handle hardware project which are heavily linked to software. We call it "Agile Systems Engineering". We can work with you to develop a solution at any level of maturity - from concept development to product roll-outs.

Agile Systems Engineering and Rapid Prototyping

In the future, every piece of hardware will also have a software component. This makes fast prototyping with short iteration cycles even more important. However, this is also a major challenge, since there are usually significantly more dependencies when it comes to hardware: Are the required parts in stock? How long are the shipping times? Does the hardware really meet the requirements? And when do you plan to place orders?
So rapid prototyping is a real challenge. Robotics is mostly about complex products, which are made up of elements from interdisciplinary fields. Motius allows you to enable fast development and test cycles as well as enormously high user interaction and feedback cycles. We establish common agile software practices in our hardware projects.

Motius Project Stages

No matter how well defined your project idea is, we can work it out together. You can approach us with an existing problem, existing product, or just an initial idea. Depending on the initial stage, we will ideate with you to understand your problem and to sketch the best approach for integrating emerging technologies. Our stages range from ideation & concept development, system design, proof of concept, and minimum viable product to whole product roll-outs. We also provide a support phase after the roll-out, to make sure your solution is perfectly integrated.

Motius Insights

Rapid Prototyping - An Enabling Tool for Hardware Product Development

In Hardware Product Development, prototyping is an important phase to validate your idea with customers, get funding from VCs, improve your product features, etc. At Motius, we are all over Rapid Prototyping. It is the perfect entry point to start with product development. We love to actually do things and Rapid Prototyping is all about doing things.

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Self-made Automated Guided Vehicles - Business Case Developed By Motius

To cope with a high demand of automation in the logistics and production industry, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) have been becoming more and more present in warehouses and production facilities. We created a business case for our customer to build their own Automated Guided Vehicle and designed its architecture integrating state-of-the-art low cost components and technologies.

Industrial Robot Arm - Motius Discovery Conference

As part of our first Discovery Week in 2021, we evaluated new ways to offer more affordable industrial robot arms to our customers. The result? Our Motee Nikolas Engelhardt evaluated "Horst" this week. "Horst" is not only a typical German first name, but stands for "Highly Optimized Robotic Systems Technology." Nikolas also explains the difference between "robots" and "cobots" (collaborative robots), their features, use cases, advantages and disadvantages.

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