Get More Business Out of Your Data

Let’s use your data to create new value

From Big Data to Big Innovation

The potential of data exploration can change the future of your business.

With just one day of intensive work, your team, together with our technical experts, will use your existing data to explore new use cases for innovative services and products.

The Problem

Problem Space

The Problem

Managers with decision-making authority but little technical background find it difficult to assess the relevance of new technologies.
Which prerequisites need to be met?

How can companies create additional value (internal and for customers) from available data?

The Problem

The Problem

The Solution 2

Problem Space

The Solution

Together we close the gap between the status quo and strategic goals with a detailed tech strategy. You will get recommendations for further actions and concrete projects in combination with time and cost overviews.

Our dedicated Data-Driven Use Case Exploration sprint provides an evaluated roadmap of data-driven use cases and their implementation for your company.

The Solution

The Solution

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What Is It?

Big data enables the optimization of processes and the creation of new services or products. Companies often gather a lot of data but lack the inspiration of what is possible, what to actually do with it or how to combine it in smart ways. Our Data-Driven use Case Exploration sprint is a hands-on experience where, together, we find answers to the question of how you can create additional value from your available data.

What to Expect?

Two times half a day workshops of intense collaborative sparring prepared by our technical experts. Together we analyze your situation and business goals, explore existing data sources, and ideate use cases for new data-driven services or products.

What Are the Outcomes?

Our Data-Driven Use Case Exploration sprint will lead to a clear and evaluated roadmap of data-driven use cases for presentation and implementation.

Sprint Agenda

Research and Preparation

In preparation for the first part of the sprint, we will review all existing information and material you can provide for us. Based on that we will also already map your current data architecture.

Big Picture

In this first 4h sprint, we will discuss your current business goals, develop personas and user journeys, work out pain points, and analyze all relevant data sources. This leads to a first ideation towards our data exploration.

Data Exploration

After the first session, we spend some time working on the development of possible use cases. We will explore and evaluate required data structures based on desirability and viability.

Evaluation and Selection

In the second 4h Refinement sprint, we will present and discuss our results. Together we will re-evaluate all use cases and align them with strategic goals. After that, we will further work out and prioritize an implementation roadmap.

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