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Mastering new technologies is the key to long-term success. That's how the most successful companies in the world are always able to stay one step ahead. With Motius, we enable you to take the lead by unlocking the full potential of new technologies with cutting-edge tech products.

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Fields of Expertise

To keep up with rapid technological change our fields of expertise are always evolving. Here’s an overview of the technologies we’re currently working with and respective use cases that we’ve brought to life.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

  • Computer Vision to detect defects in a production
  • Deep Learning in health app to detect correct body movements
  • Machine Learning to help predict the perfect ratio of food ingredients



  • AGV for a smart production site
  • AGV for moveable elements at a trade fair
  • Deterministic communication middleware for ROS

Augmented & Virtual Reality

Augmented & Virtual Reality

  • AR based inspection of nuclear plants
  • AR game for the world`s largest head up display in a series car
  • Social media AR game for an electric car

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

  • Smart Lighting Pole as an innovative Smart City infrastructure
  • IoT gateway for the future of automotives
  • Retrofit solution for smart laundry systems



  • Chatbot Builder Platform for an insurance company
  • Voice control within a car at one of the CES 2020 highlights
  • Voice assistant for surgeons

Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

  • Selective laser melting to prototype a miniature robotic arm
  • SLA 3D-printing to test the gear shifting mechanism in a gearbox
  • FDM to quickly iterate camera housings for self driving vehicles

Autonomous Driving

Autonomous Driving

  • Deep Learning for autonomous parking
  • A remote control set-up for teleoperated driving
  • Radar based system for a right turn assistant

User Centric Design

User Centric Design

  • Design Thinking approach to understand needs of drone manufacturers and design a charging station
  • Remote Design Sprint during Covid-19 to create a handbook for pharma industry
  • Ideation Workshop to define new User Interface solutions for robots

App and Web Development

App and Web Development

  • Visa application web platform for Dubai in React
  • React Native health app as a companion during a disease
  • Digital Twin web platform to monitor the whole manufacturing process of medical devices

Data Science

Data Science

  • Analysis of machine data for automatic and better settings of machine parameters
  • Personalized recommendations and predictions for sales representatives based on analysis of data
  • Digital Twin for supply chain optimization



  • Micropayments for a mobility provider
  • Tracking system for medical disposables
  • Blockchain Training Workshops

Embedded Development

Embedded Development

  • Developer experience for real time embedded processing
  • Development of an IoT design kit
  • FPGA design and programming for a dosimetry device

How We Work?


Kicking things off

No matter how well defined your project idea is, we can work it out together. We can start with an existing problem, an existing product that you want to improve or just some rough ideas and requirements.


Thinking Together

Based on your needs, we identify new technologies that create the biggest impact for you and the users. Our user-centric product development approach addresses relevant needs and ensures long-term product usage.


Team Matching

Based on your requirements, our AI-based matching system finds the ideal experts from our talent pool. In addition to these carefully pre-selected experts, our core team takes over project management and lead engineering.


Innovation & Agile Development

Agile methods allow us to stay flexible and empower you to have an active role in the project. We iterate quickly and take your project through several phases in order to create impactful innovations and address user needs properly.


Implementation & Support

In addition to delivering the result, we also make sure that the solution is perfectly implemented during a support phase. This will enable you to make the most out of the new technologies that you have now successfully integrated.

Your benefits of working with us.

  • Master New Technologies

    We enable you to master new technologies by developing state-of-the-art solutions. We strive for lasting impact. This way you can unlock the full potential of new technologies.

  • Managed Teams

    Don‘t worry about project management & supervising the development team. We take care of that. Thanks to our agile methodology, you can stay as close to the project as you desire

  • Streamlined Innovation

    Our fluid structure and methods are the ideal setup to bring any project from idea to product in the most efficient way. Always with the goal in sight to launch a finished product that creates a lasting impact

Matching the best fitting experts from our Talent Pool.

The experts in our Talent Pool are carefully selected in a two-step process. This way, only the best 5% of all applications successfully run through the process. In total, our Talent Pool consists of over 800 developers with an average experience of 6 years.

Clients we work with

Bringing your idea to a final product.

  • Ideation & Concept

    Need do tackle a problem but don't have the solution yet? We combine Design Thinking with our tech expertise to sketch the best approach.

  • Proof of Concept

    Want to prove that solution is technically feasible before investing more time and money? We deliver technical proof of concepts in no time.

  • Prototype

    The best way to create products people love is through rapid prototyping. We focus on fast iterations and customer-centricity.

  • MVP

    Tap into the market with your first MVP to get real feedback from real customers. Delivering a quality product with a focus on key-functionalities.

  • Rollout

    Together with our network of selected partners, we make sure that we deliver production-ready quality for your rollout.

  • Support and Maintenance

    We’re not just delivering the result. During a support phase, we make sure that the solution is perfectly integrated.

Success Stories

All cases

Agile Pricing for better innovations.

A constantly changing environment with changing user needs requires a flexibility in planning and pricing. On the other hand you also need transparency what you are actually paying for and risks should be divided equally. That is why we are working with story point pricing. That allows you to have the necessary flexibility throughout the project while still having the budget in control.

Not what you need? We can also work with a monthly development budget and charge based on daily rates.

We strive for long lasting impact .

Our goal is to bring ideas to life with new technologies and achieve a long lasting impact.
Here is some impact our innovations have created.


of work saved through efficiency increase in a call center.


reduction in production failures in a manufacturing plant.

1Mio €

saved in a manufacturing plant by predicting suppliers shortages.


people got their visa application processed 10 days faster.

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Are you looking to stay ahead with new technologies?