Visualize Your Data and Finally See What You’ve Been Missing

Let’s leverage potentials with new perspectives on data.

From Raw Data to Meaningful Insights.

The potential of well-visualized data can change the future of your business.

With just one day of intensive work, your team, together with our technical experts, will identify and use the potential of a better, real-time, and more intuitive perspective on your “gathered” business data.

The Problem

Problem Space

The Problem

Managers with decision-making authority but little technical background find it difficult to assess the relevance of new technologies.
Which prerequisites need to be met?

Bridge the Gap between Users and their Data with new Perspectives on Information.

The Problem

The Problem

The Solution 2

Problem Space

The Solution

Together we close the gap between the status quo and strategic goals with a detailed tech strategy. You will get recommendations for further actions and concrete projects in combination with time and cost overviews.

Technically Feasible & Conceptually Designed Solution on how Data and Workflows are best leveraged​.

The Solution

The Solution

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What Is It?

In the fast-changing digital environment, it has become crucial not only to gather data but also to analyze and act on it. And when you choose the right visualization to highlight the most important aspects of your data, you can illuminate new insights and communicate them more persuasively. That can result in smarter actions and bigger outcomes for your business. Our Business (Data) Visualization Sprint is a hands-on experience where, together, we analyze your existing data, choose the right visualization techniques, and explore how your business can continuously benefit from data visualization.

What to Expect?

Two times half a day workshops of intense collaborative sparring prepared by our technical experts. Together we identify the value potential for your business based on an extensive analysis of your data structures and efficiency bottlenecks. This includes an intro to the most relevant visualization techniques and a selection of initial target processes.

What Are the Outcomes?

Our Business (Data) Visualization sprint will lead to a clear perspective and concept (+PoC) for how your data is best visualized to improve your workflows and effectively generate insights.

Motius University

Sprint Agenda


In preparation for the first part of the sprint, we will analyze your existing data and possible efficiency bottlenecks.
We will work through your data structures and access points.

Definition Sprint

In this first 4h sprint, we will present our results from the preparation phase. As a next step, we will then together identify the value potential of an improved data visualization for your business. You will get an intro to state-of-the-art visualization techniques and we will select an initial target process that will serve as a best practice for the development of a proof of concept.

Intermediate Implementation

After the first session, we spend some time working on the first UX concept.
We will create an initial high-level pilot PoC with limited data.

Refinement Sprint

In the second 4h Refinement sprint, we will discuss our suggestions and drafts and set the basis for future measures. Together, we will finalize the design concept and agree on the next steps for a complete implementation.

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