We are creating the tech products and innovations of the future.

Motius is an R&D company that uses the technologies of the future to develop innovative products and prototypes for world-class companies. Through our unique Fluid Structure, we combine the expertise of more than 800 tech experts of our interdisciplinary Talent Pool with experienced tech and management teams in our core team.

Becoming the best place for techies

Our mission is to enable talented Techies to have the biggest possible impact on the world. Only with that impact we will create the maximum value for our clients. As a Tech Community, we constantly explore and create new tech products from every field to always stay at the cutting edge of technology.

Our Core Values

The Motius core values are serving as a steering wheel for everything that we do. They shape our brand, our interaction within the team, our decisions, and our day-to-day life. They are deeply rooted at the core of our culture.


We Enable

Life at Motius is about enabling others. All of our actions, projects, and activities have the main objective to enable people. We enable techies to have the biggest possible impact on the world. We enable companies to master new technologies.


We Create.

We love to build impactful things and have a hands-on mindset towards everything we do. Good concepts are important, but as we want to create impact, developing products and implementing ideas is what we strive for.


We Explore.

We are constantly exploring what happens around us. This curiosity doesn‘t stop at the immediate task. We often look outside of our daily tasks and don‘t shy away from learning new skills. We’re coloring outside of the box.


We are Community-driven.

That‘s why we support each other – by collaboratively creating stuff, sharing our knowledge to help people explore new fields or just supporting people wherever we can. Our integrity and diverse community is an essential part of the Motius culture.


Founding Team

Zied Bahrouni

Co-Founder & CEO

Daniel Weiß

Co-Founder & CFO

Philipp Dörner

Co-Founder & CTO

Michael Sauer

Co-Founder & CSO

Sören Gunia

Co-Founder & CHRO

The Motius

In 2013, Motius was founded for a simple reason. Zied, Michi, Sören, Philipp and Daniel agreed: developers deserve more impact, as they know new technologies better than anyone else. The rest is history.


  • Founding of Motius
  • Office in Munich and Muscat Oman


  • BMW as first major customer


  • 500 Motees in the Talent Pool


  • Opening of Office in Dubai and Stuttgart
  • 150 Finished Projects


  • Ranked #1 Fastest growing service provider in Germany


  • 50 Core Team Employees
  • 800 Motees in the Talent Pool
  • Legendary Christmas Party
  • 300 finished Projects
  • Investment by Swiss Family Office


  • 100 Core Team Employees
  • 800 Motees in Talent Pool
  • Launch of Spacewalk VC fund
  • Employer with the best educated employees within the IT / Software / Hardware sector

in Numbers.


Top Ranked Employer within IT / Software / Hardware sector


Finished Projects


Follow-up Project-rate


Motees in Talent Pool


Happy Customers


Core team Members



+49 0 89 21 55 16 16


Walter-Gropius-Straße 17, 80807 München


+49 0 711 219 52 333


Meitnerstrasse 10, 70563 Stuttgart


+971 0 50 50 504 6133


Area 2071, The Emirates Tower


+49 0 89 21 55 16 16

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